From Now on Christophe Zon Performs Consultation and Treatment in Armenia in...

From Now on Christophe Zon Performs Consultation and Treatment in Armenia in “Astghik”MC



On April 4-9, Christophe Zon and Florian Schulz, professorsat Heidelberg University Hospital, visited to Armenia to carry out a range of consultations and severe operations.


Since 2016, according to the contract, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of “Astghik” MC has become a branch of Heidelberg University Hospital in the Republic of Armenia, establishing the basis of a stable and continuous cooperation for cancer diagnosis and treatment.  As Chrsitophe Zon highlights, he has visited numerous clinics in Armenia but “Astghik” MC is really very impressive and stands out for both the modern equipment and the professionalism of the staff. All these enable to implement all the needed examinations, which is very important. Physician radiologist Nune Mashuryan, who worked with the specialists from Germany, highlights the fact that after their leaving, the cooperation is planned to continue viateleconference during which the cases of each week will be discussed with Professor Zon and he will run the patient’s further treatment process.


Professor Zon adds: “We’ll do our best to bring the German health standards into Armenia, so that the patient will not need to go abroad for the best treatment but these treatment methods will be introduced in Armenia.


To the question of what were the main complaints of women who applied the doctor, the professor answered with a smile: “It’s amazing that most women came with complaints of mastopathy, meanwhile, it is not a disease and does not require any treatment but we actually have numerous cases of breast cancer diagnosis where we have a lot to doand I believe that in this field we should introduce the best methods for treatment in Armenia. Our main purpose is to implement treatment methods in Armenia equivalent to European standards, be sure that the patient will be able to get the necessary treatment which will not be inferior to the German methods and standards.


As to the doctor, the weekdays were very busy and, besides the numerous consultations, the specialists carried out a large number of open and laparoscopic surgeries. Professor Zon greatly highlighted the importance of exchanging experience and continuous mutual visits during which the specialists will have the opportunity to visit Germany, get acquainted with the German treatment methods, surgeries performed by their specialists, participate in them… “Yes, exchanging experience is very important,” says the Professor, “a little time and we will have a great success in this…”