Women’s Health: A Seminar for Physicians of Syunik, Vayots Dzor and Ararat...

Women’s Health: A Seminar for Physicians of Syunik, Vayots Dzor and Ararat Regions



“Astghik” MC arranged a seminar with the “Women’s Health” topic for the gynecologists and family physicians of Syunik, Vayots Dzor and Ararat regions of the RA on October 22-23 of this year. The seminar was attended by around 100 doctors from the above-mentioned regions. This is a new opportunity for doctors working in regions to exchange their experience, as well as discuss the problems of the field.

The seminar was opened with a greeting speech by Inna Persoyan, Ph.D., the head of the Department of Women’s Consultation in “Astghik” MC who highlighted the importance of the initiative of medical institutions for arranging such seminars and theirrole for doctors in exchanging their experience, discussing complicated cases, professional development, also the active cooperation with the RA Ministry of Healthcare, in order to minimize the complications in their medical practice. By signifying this very issue, the management of “Astghik” MC will make these meetings continuous, especially for the fact that it cooperates with the leading clinics of Russia, Europe and the United States, regularly organizes exchange visits and trainings for its specialists and this experience should also be shared with the specialists who work in regions.


The seminar was run by Inna Georgi Persoyan, Ph.D., the head of the Department of Women’s Consultation in “Astghik” MC.

On the first seminar day the doctors basically discussed the thyroid, gynecological and breast diseases, the new methods of their diagnosis and treatment. In particular, a report speech was presented by Ph.D. Inna Persoyan who spoke about the topic of hormone replacement therapy as an important part of preventive medicine in women’s health.


The head of Endocrine Surgery Service in “Astghik” MC, Ph.D. Associate Professor Armen Varzhapetyan represented the newest approaches of thyroid diseases treatment.

The theme was continued by Ruzanna Khondkaryan, Ph.D. Associate Professor, the head of Ultrasound Service of the MC, with a speech on thyroid, breast and liver elastography.


The range of reports was continued by Armen Avoyan, Ph.D., the head of the Department of Urology in “Astghik” MC with a speech about the symptoms of women’s lower urinary tract.

Dr. Gevorg Asilbekyan spoke about the surgical treatment of breast cancer, also the chemotherapy which was followed by the speech of Nune Manshuryan, the head of Mammographic Service of the center by mentioning the newest methods of diagnosis for cancer diseases.


The second seminar day started with the “Osteoarthrosis: Treatment methods” report which was presented by Ph.D. Ruben Galstyan, orthopedic traumatologist of “Astghik” MC.

The problem of rhinitis in pregnant women was discussed by Hayastan Mesropyan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the ENT Department of YSMU, physician of ENT Department of the MC.

Mariam Saponjyan, the cardiac arythmologist of the MC spoke about the cardiac arrhythmias in pregnant women and cardiac diseases in women.

Ph.D., Associate Professor Arthur Sarkisyan presented the topic of deep venous thrombosis.


The head of the General Surgery of the center, Ph.D. Associate Professor Arayik Voskanyan spoke about the modern approaches of acute pancreatitis treatment.

All topics of the two-day seminar caused a great interest in participants who started active and interesting discussions after the presentation of each topic.

These two days were full of information, interesting and overwhelming, but all participants were pleased and thankful for the choice of seminar topics and the way it was organized.

All participants will receive certificates and an11 CPD credit.

The participants left Jermuk with expectations that similar seminars arranged by “Astghik” MC will be continuous.