“Astghik” MC Also Functions as an Educational Clinic: Famous Cardiac Surgeon

“Astghik” MC Also Functions as an Educational Clinic: Famous Cardiac Surgeon



The private hospital “Astghik” MC, also functions as an educational clinic. This was informed by the famous cardiologist Mher Susani during his interview with NEWS.am Medicine reporter, who has long been working at “Nork-Marash” clinic and quite recently wanted to leave Armenia: he was offered a job in Dubai. But he decided to stay because “Astghik” MC provides all the professional conditions.

Currently the cardiac surgeon is contented with the work conditions in “Astghik” MC which, according to him, correspond to the higher European standards. He was also impressed by the fact that he was given the chance to operate the patients in serious, even hopeless state.

“ In foreign countries state hospitals are also educational institutions, which means that you can operate everything without a special permission, because you aim to develop your knowledge, in private hospitals this happens too rarely as the owner has one purpose – to operate patients without any complication and gain more reputation,” says Mher Susani.

The doctor shares his astonishment concerning this approach of “Astghik” MC. In a newly constructed hospital where he was just starting his career, he warned the management that cardiac surgery wouldn’t be profitable for the clinic.

“During our agreement with the “Astghik” MC management, I said that cardiac surgery is expensive and may not be profitable. Don’t think that it is popular; the profit should be large. It may enhance your fame but not the profit,” said the physician. But the clinic management agreed to cooperate with these conditions. “There have been a range of cases when a critically ill patient has been accepted and it was not clear whether thepatient would live or not, or if he would be able to pay for the service.”The surgeon had to ask the hospital management if they would agree to accept the patient or not and got the following response:

“You still ask this question? Why have we obtained all the high quality devices if we hesitate to operate him?”

The surgeon says,” This means that the hospital does not lose its reputation of providing high quality services and use any discrimination towards patients.”

Susani mentioned that when the hospital was newly built, Asatur Asatryan – the director asked him how he would like to see the hospital. And the doctor answered that he wanted it to be like one of the best foreign hospitals. “A five-star hotel plus medicine, so that the patients would leave it fully contented.”  He says that the patient “does not see and does not know what you do in the operating room”, but he sees the service in the department.

As to Mher Susani, a European standard is created here in the Armenian conditions. Patients are delivered surveys for not to praise but write on the problems they see in hospital. These are anonymous and the survey box will be opened in the near future.

What concerns the treatment quality, as Mher Susani says, “it is on our conscience“ and “our conscience is open”.

The cardiac surgeon informs that all the devices needed for the surgery are purchased from the best foreign producers. The labels of used devices and materials are attached to the patient’s questionnaire and he can check online by the serial number whether he was installed that device or not.

As to Mher Susani, “Astghik” MC has reached the Golden Mean. This is a good environment for doctors because they don’t feel to work only to bring profit to the hospital, and this is good for the clinic as it gains a reputation where the cardiac surgeries are performed in a high quality.

The doctor pays a great attention to the air-conditioning system of “Astghik” MC which is created according to the latest technologies and permanently provides the operating rooms with filtered clean air. All dirty tools and used supplies are automatically removed from the operating room which is unnoticeable for the patients and visitors.

When speaking on the future plans, Susani informed that from January “Astghik” MC will launch pediatric heart surgery. And if the heart donation law is adopted in the country, his team will be ready to perform heart transplantation.