Urologist Is Not a Man’s Doctor: The Solution of Women’s “Awkward” Problems...

Urologist Is Not a Man’s Doctor: The Solution of Women’s “Awkward” Problems in “Astghik” MC

Urology deals with not only men’s problems as it is common to think in our society. Women also have kidneys and bladder, the pathologies of which are treated by urologists. But even in case of being a very commonly encountered problem, women do not visit an urologist or any other doctor though the problem is about urinary incontinence. Usually, for Armenian women, the solution of this problem is to hide it from relatives, though the frequent use of hygienic supplies (often a piece of flaps) does not remain unnoticeable.

As to the head of the Urological Services in “Astghik” MC, the main reason for this is the lack of awareness. Women, as well as their husbands and children do not simply know that this problem is quickly and easily solved via suburethral tapes.

“According to the WHO data, a quarter of women aged 45-50 suffer from stress incontinence, when laughing, sneezing or sharp movements may cause a urine leakage,” noted the doctor and confirmed that hardly the statistics would differ in Armenia. But if in Germany queues of women are formed to apply for the treatment of this problem, in Armenia the problem is usually ignored. “I think women do not simply know that the problem may be quickly solved within a day. The tape is installed by local anesthesia; in the evening the woman leaves for home and tomorrow she can deal with the daily affairs,” noted the doctor.

Of course, this service is not cheap: the tape, which is made of special material and is not repelled by the body as a foreign body, costs USD800-900 but the woman’s happiness that she has got rid of the problem is well worth it.

As the urologist explains, stress incontinence develops when the muscles lose their elasticity. This may be connected with age, traumas, severe pregnancy and other conditions. “When pelvic floor weakens the angle between the urethra and bladder smoothens, which should be sharp in normal state and in case of any type of pressure the urine leaks,” noted he by adding that the installed tape supports the urethra and in case of high pressure does not allow the angle to smooth.

What concerns the “standard assortment” of men’s urological procedures, they are also performed in “Astghik” MC, and moreover, the transurethral resection of benign prostate hyperplasia is done by Storz bipolar endoscope.

“Surgeries are also performed by a laparoscopic method, particularly the varicoelectomy, renal cysts and kidney removal. I would wish for us to do more surgeries of this kind because this is the field of urology which should be laid on good grounds,” noted the doctor.

Armen Avoyan also shared the future plans. Very soon, “Astghik” MC will be equipped with the latest lithotripter for the remote lithotripsy of urolithiasis. As to the specialist, it is a very expensive and exclusive device, the only one in the region.