Emergency Care and Ambulance Service

Emergency Care and Ambulance Service

The “Astghik” MC emergency care service includes 3 important factors:

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• Reception
• Emergency Care
• Ambulance Service

Modern reception stands out for its high quality service in accordance with the European standards.

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The Emergency Care service is fully provided with qualified specialists (reanimatologists), necessary medicines, and contemporary equipment: ready to provide the necessary first aid to the patient at any time, even a surgery performed in the operating room of the reception if needed urgently.


The Ambulance Service has modern ambulances which are equipped with all the necessary apparatus and facilities needed for a medical emergency. The service has qualified specialists who are ready to provide medical care to patients, carry out consultation of a narrow specialist in domestic conditions, transport the patients to an appropriate medical center.

The service operates within and out of the RA borders. The latter may sound amazing but the service actually transports the patients from the RA regions to Yerevan, as well as to other countries and vice versa.

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The Ambulance Service operates in Yerevan for free.



Head of Urgent Emergency Service,

Manouk Mousheghi Yazchyan

Reception՝ (060) 651257
Ambulance` 010 779779, 8303