The Department of Arythmology and Cardiology Arrangeda Seminar Discussion

The Department of Arythmology and Cardiology Arrangeda Seminar Discussion



The seminar discussion, arranged by the Department of Arythmology and Cardiology of “Astghik” MC, was held on June 11 in “Erebuni Plaza” Business Center. The seminar was on recent innovations of interventions in the field of arythmology, the non-drug prevention of cardiogenic thromboembolism, the assessment of cardiovascular risk during the extracardiac surgeries.

These topics were reported by H. R. Poghosyan, invasive arythmologist and electrophysiologist, L. R. Hayrapetyan, cardiacarythmologist and K. V. Davtyan, invasive arythmologist and electrophysiologist from Russia. The topic of “Supplementary Routes” was presented by A.B. Danoyan, invasive arythmologist and electrophysiologist. In the second part of the seminar, cardiac arythmologist T. B. Hovakimyan spoke on the bases of providing ethics and quality in health sector. The topic of “Evaluation of Cardiovascular Risk during the Extracardiac Surgeries” was introduced by cardiac arythmologist L. R. Hayrapetyan. The seminar was concluded by invasive cardiologist N. S. Gojabanyan with a presentation on “Intracardiac Coronary Interventions for Patients Who Take Oral Anticoagulants”. In the hall there were physicians from Yerevan and other regions: therapists, cardiologists, family physicians, and also future doctors – students.


Zara Kartoyan: the Head of the Department of Cardiology and Arythmology

–  Arranging seminars is a tradition for us, this is our 100th seminar. The chief purpose is to show our colleagues the expertise of our clinic, discuss our work performed according to the guidelines of European and American Association, and today it is alreadyobvious that all cardiological and arythmological interventions performed in the world are also carried out in “Astghik” MC.

Karapet Davtyan: Invasive Arythmologist, Electrophysiologist, the Head of the Department of Arythmology in the Prophylactic Center of Moscow


– This is not the first seminar in Yerevan in which I participate but it’s the first time I see such a large audience during the seminars in Yerevan and this states the fact that the topics are actual, interest doctors as on their weekend they have come here to participate, listen and discuss these topics. The speakers’ main purpose is to introduce doctors the information of what is going on in foreign countries in the field of medicine which most people don’t have the possibility to know. What concerns the topic of my speech I should say that I don’t speak about it for the first time in Armenia: in 2014, two years ago I was in Georgia with my close French friend, then we came to Armenia and helped two patients. Two years passed but, unfortunately, I don’t see any development in this field and this is a challenge to warn us that we lose the chance of saving people’s lives.

The audience was active, a discussion was held. But I can’t say how much influence my speech will leave. If I see some changes in a year, if I see recovered patients, this report and my visit to Armenia will not be in vain.

Training Programs: Mariam Saponjyan, Committee Chairman


–   This seminar is basically devoted to the arythmological service, development of arythmology, innovations, new methods of surgical and drug treatment, we also present the possibilities of our clinic, the information on how the current innovations are used here. Topics are mainly proposed by the auditorium, every time those who are present choose the topics for the next seminar. We also have discussions about the topics in the clinic and topics on current innovations are included as well. For example, at this time our guest-speaker Prof. Davtyan presents a topic which is new in Armenia. We often have guests from the U.S., the Czech Republic. They are specialists who visit us, work and participate in seminars arranged by us.

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