Since the Beginning of the Year “Astghik” MC Has Taken Care of...

Since the Beginning of the Year “Astghik” MC Has Taken Care of Three Extremely Low Weight Newborns



Since the opening of “Astghik” MC (formerly, “Malatia”), at the end of 2015, the neonatal unit of the maternity department has had three cases of newborns with extremely low weight: 780gr. (27 weeks pregnancy), 900gr. (28 weeks pregnancy) and 950gr. (29 weeks pregnancy). The Medicine reporter was told about this during the conversation with Narine Poghosyan, the head of the neonatal service in “Astghik” MC.

As to her, the mother of the 780gr. weight newborn had serious preeclampsia, her life was in danger and an urgent caesarian section was planned. In the second case the woman had premature delivery; the third one was also done a caesarean section. During the mentioned period of time, a total of 70 severe cases of intensive care have been registered, as to the doctor.

Narine Poghosyan told that the neonatal department of “Astghik” MC has all the conditions for the reanimation and care for newborns in a serious state. Each delivery room is equipped with reanimation devices which include apparatus used for any situation, any type of respiratory therapy devices from CPAP(Constant Positive Airway Pressure), even devices of pulmonary artificial respiration (PAR). The doctor reminded that the hospital has a centralized system for the provision of oxygen and any other kind of gas.

The neonatal department has Drager respiratory devices and small reanimation tables, thermoregulatory devices, gel heated mattresses, modern lamps of phototherapy. There are also Caleo Dragerincubators which enable to take care of the child, feed and weigh without taking out of the incubator.

Narine Poghosyan underlined that “Astghik” is a multiprofile hospital which is very important for getting consultations directly from narrow specialists like the pediatric cardiologists or the neurologists.

As a rule, extremely low weight babies stay in the hospital for 2 or 3 months. They are discharged from the hospital in the weight of about 2kg. Initially, they get parenteral nutrition with the help of an intravenous tube, but if it is possible, they get enteral nutrition with breast milk. Afterwards, the enteral nutrition volume is increased up to 100%. Meanwhile, the premature infants pass all the needed screenings: cardiac and neurological pathologies, retinopathy determination. Only after these procedures infants are discharged.

We note that the maternity department of ”Astghik” MC has been awarded the third level.