Motherhood School: What It Gives to Women

Motherhood School: What It Gives to Women


In this school there are no tests and examinations, no lectures and breaks. But it is here that a pregnant woman receives knowledge which will help her to get ready for childbirth.

It is about motherhood school. Today there are motherhood schools in a number of hospitals of the city. Inna Persoyan, the head of Women’s Consultation in “Astghik” MC told the Medicine reporter on how the classes are organized at school and what it gives to pregnant women.

The classes of motherhood school last 5 days and are free for pregnant women registered in “Astghik” MC. Of course this does not mean that after these 5 days they can’t visit the school or ask the specialists there for a piece of advice. A woman may attend the classes of other groups or consult with a psychologist if she wishes.

 And What Is Done at This School?

First of all the obstetrician-gynecologist tells the group of pregnant women about what is pregnancy, how a quarter differs from other stages, what changes occur in body, how the state of health can change, on what should be paid attention, when there is no need to worry and when it is needed to immediately apply a doctor.

A special attention is paid to the diet and lifestyle of pregnant women. Specialists tell them how a woman should be nourished during the pregnancy so that the fetus gets all the necessary food materials and develop normally and the mother avoids the unnecessary kilograms.

In the near future yoga courses for pregnant women will start in the medical center.  As it is known, yoga courses during pregnancy help to maintain not only the physical and psychological health but often make the birth easier and painless. Such courses are recommended for all pregnant women excluding those for whom they are contradicted for some reasons (the doctor should decide whether the woman can practice yoga or sports during her pregnancy).

Then, the specialist tells the pregnant women how they should get prepared for the birth and which breathing techniques will help them bear the labor easily.  Women even watch films on childbirth: this helps them to be more informed and ready for the labor.

Women are also told about the methods of anesthesia used during the labor (the main method of anesthesia applied in “Astghik” MC is the epidural anesthesia), cesarean section and the related instructions. Then, the specialist informs them about breastfeeding and explains its importance for the child. As Dr. Persoyan noted, during the pregnancya woman should think that she will breastfeed her child.

She is also taught how to take care of the baby and even how to wear diapers.  An important part of courses in motherhood school is the tour in the maternity unit of the hospital in which the husbands and relatives of pregnant women may also participate. During the excursion they walk through all the floors of the maternity unit, visit the delivery rooms (they are separate in “Astghik” MC), wards, department of neonatology, they get acquainted with the conditions and where they are going to deliver. It is amazing that most women imagine the delivery rooms as terrible and dark places. And when they see that the delivery room is a light and beautiful hall (where the husband or any other relative may also be present), their anxiety for the expected delivery decreases.

The next important stage implemented at motherhood school is the work with a psychologist. Most pregnant women have hidden fears which they often do not realize. But these fears significantly worsen the quality of their lives and may affect their attitude towards pregnancy and the child. All these fears should be delicately discussed in order to make the pregnancy happy and calm. This is the very thing the psychologist deals with during the classes.

During the group therapy women practice art-therapy, draw images, with the help of which the psychologist can diagnose their fears or other problems. Aregnaz Avetisyan, the psychologist of “Astghik” MC, told the Medicine reporter that the paints and images which the pregnant women use may tell lots of things about them. And if these pictures discover serious fears, they are examined and discussed either in classes, or, if they are very individual, during the individual meetings with the psychologist.

Specialists remembered an interesting story: in one of the groups there was a pregnant woman who hated her unborn child which could be guessed by the pictures made by her, as well as her attitude towards the pregnancy. It was found out that the woman had got married unwillingly; she didn’t love her husband and considered that the child belonged to him and not her. In the same group there was another woman who loved her child, fondled her paunch all the time and talked to it. The interaction of these women changed the first woman’s attitude towards pregnancy and she began to wait impatiently for the birth of the child, her relationships in the family also reached a new level.

This example proves the significance of group classes with a psychologist. When the woman tells her problems to other people they can help her with their examples and experience. And if it is found out that there are similar problems and fears in several people at the same time they can easily overcome them altogether. Besides, during these classes, women find new friends and their friendship remains after the classes end and their children are born.