Patients with Fractures Are Sooner on Their Feet Due to New Approaches:...

Patients with Fractures Are Sooner on Their Feet Due to New Approaches: Traumatologist



“Life is impossible without motion: this is the dominant principle in the treatment of fractures,” says Khoren Petrosyan, the head of Orthopedic Traumatological Services in “Astghik” MC. In his interview with Medicine reporter he noted that the progress in medicine allows to quickly restore patients with fractures by avoiding the prolonged loss of mobility.

As to the doctor’s explanations, in any case of fractures we deal not only with the injuries of bones but also the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments. Immediately after the bone breaking, as well as in the stage of restoration, we also have cases of local disorders in sensitivity and blood circulation.

As to the doctor, all these, the pain, local inflammation, lead to immobility. “Due to the achievement of the newest devices and tools, as well as the regular trainings of the specialists in clinics abroad, it is possible to use less invasive surgical methods in “Astghik” MC which enable to do large surgical interventions through small incisions,” said the doctor.

The surgery time is reduced by using European high quality metal constructions that, at the same time, provides stable fixation of bone fragments which, in its turn, enables the patient to be on foot immediately and avoid all immobility causing complications.

As noted by him, most surgeries are performed not by general anesthesia but the regional. This is especially important for elderly people, whose treatment and care  require a special approach and attention.