What Is the Advantage of Sclerotherapy for Varicose Treatment: the French Surgeon...

What Is the Advantage of Sclerotherapy for Varicose Treatment: the French Surgeon Explains



Benjamin Peyrachon, the vascular surgeon from Hospital Jean Mermoz Medical Center (Lyon, France), performed treatment of varicose veins widening in lower limbs through the microsclerotherapy and foam sclerotherapy during his three-day visit to Yerevan.

In his interview with the NEWS.am Medicine reporter he noted that his visit to Yerevan had two aims: experience and knowledge exchange with the specialists of “Astghk” MC and treatment of patients with varicose with a new technique of sclerotherapy – by using drugs which the doctor had brought from France.

What is the advantage of sclerotherapy for treating varicose veins widening?

Modern medicine offers several effective ways for varicose veins widening treatment; sclerotherapy is one of them. During the intervention, a foam drug is injected into the opening under the ultrasound control, which sticks the vein walls together and later absorbs. In this way, the failing vein stops to function and the aesthetic defect disappears.

As to Benjamin Peyrachon, the main advantage of this method is that it is performed in outpatient conditions without general anesthesia and the patient may go home or to work immediately after the intervention and practice sports after a week.

As to the specialist, currently the sclerotherapy is considered as a safe method for varicose veins widening treatment, of course, if all the rules of intervention are kept and all instructions and contraindications (pregnancy, deep thrombosis of veins, etc.) are taken into account. According to the analysis of numerous research works of this topic, the possibility of severe complications after sclerotherapy, such as heart attackor stroke, is 0.001 percent; that is, rare cases are recorded as confirmed by the specialist.

Eduard Aghiyan, the vascular surgeon of “Astghik” MC noted that Peyrachon’s visit is very important because it provides an opportunity for exchanging experience and gaining knowledge about new approaches and techniques for varicose treatment.

During his three-day visit, the specialist performed about 50 interventions, and after a month he will be back to evaluate the results, determine the further treatment (patients with varicose neglected for long time may need 2-3 interventions) and accept new patients.

Peyrachon noted that this was his first visit to Armenia. He said that he had met many skillful doctorsin “Astghik” MC. He was also contented with the equipped conditions of the center. And in Yerevan, he mostly liked the pleasant atmosphere and people’s friendliness.

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