Department of Cardiac Surgery

Department of Cardiac Surgery


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“Astghik” MC has been supplemented with one more department: the Department of Cardiac Surgery. The management of the center makes great efforts and investments to use the global innovations of cardiac surgery in the clinic.

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The following surgeries will be carried out in the Department of Cardiac Surgery:

  • all aspects of cardiac and thoracic surgeries in children and adults,
  • coronary surgery by artificial blood circulation or without it,
  • prosthesis of heart valves and plastics
  • congenital heart defects (in newborns and children)
  • aortic and peripheral arterial surgery

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The department has an operating room and a reanimation department in accordance with European standards, which are equipped equal to the leading clinics around the world.

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The laboratory conditions allow to implement all the necessary tests at any time.

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 Mher Susani Hovsepi

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery

Tel.: (060) 65-10-83, (060) 65-12-85