“We Bring Our Knowledge and Expertise to Armenia”: the German Oncologist Has...

“We Bring Our Knowledge and Expertise to Armenia”: the German Oncologist Has Participated in the Seminar Arranged in “Astghik” MC



The treatment level for oncological diseases in Armenia promised a betterfuture 5 years ago, and today medicine has greatly changed here: currently the Armenian specialists use treatment methods which are applied in Europe and they do that quite successfully. During his conversation with NEWS.am Medicine reporter this opinion was expressed by Christoph Zon, professor at Heidelberg University Hospital (in Germany) who is in Armenia for a one-week visit, within the frames of which he is preparing to accept more than 200 patients suffering from various gynecologic cancer diseases, also present a speech during the seminars for Armenian doctors.

Professor Zon is familiar with the medicine development level in Armenia not only by hearing about it: he visits “Astghik” MC 3-4 times a year, provides consultations for patients and help for the local specialists for complicated cases. As to him, Armenian patients do not have to go to Germany for diagnosis and treatment: German specialists bring their knowledge and expertise to Armenia.

Professor mentioned that during these years he liked Armenia and got strongly attached to our country: he likes people, climate and the old churches. And he has chosen “Astghik” MC because it is well equipped with the best devices which are also used in European countries.

Within the frames of seminars organized for the gynecologists and family physicians of Yerevan, Dr. Zon spoke about the precise diagnosis of cancers and all the modern devices for that purpose. Particularly, some Armenian physicians are cautious about doing a biopsy for cancer diagnosis and most patients are afraid of this method worrying that it may lead to cancer development. Meanwhile, this opinion does not meet the reality, says the professor.

“We use biopsy in Europe for more than 40 years and no treatment is prescribed without it. In Armenia some people fear that biopsy may cause cancer development but a cancer spreads itself and this usually happens a long time before the biopsy. Hence, we can confidently say that biopsy does not contribute to cancer development; this is also proved in scientific literature. On the contrary, biopsy helps to understand what type of cancer we deal with and what treatment will be more efficient,” said the professor.

Physician and radiologist Nune Mashuryan noted that the visits of the professor and his colleagues are very important for the Armenian doctors because they provide the possibility of exchanging their experience in the field of cancer and other disease treatments. The specialist mentioned that the last seminar in “Astghik” MC is devoted to the problems concerning the breast cancer diagnosis and its treatment which is the most common type of cancer among women both worldwide, and in Armenia.

The seminar, during which the oncologists, radiologists and gynecologists of “Astghik” MC also gave their speech, was designed for gynecologists and family physicians. Nune Mashuryan strongly emphasized that they should know when the patients need additional research in order to diagnose dangerous tumors on time and when to calm the patient and send home.

As to the specialist, though we live in the 21st century, there are cases when a breast cancer is diagnosed quite late in a very careless state. Recently, a breast cancer was diagnosed in a 34 years old woman who breastfed her 5 months old baby.  Her gynecologist had advised her not to worry and continue breastfeeding and the cancer would disappear itself. Meanwhile, the cancer had not disappeared and had started to grow. As a result, when the woman came to the doctor, she was diagnosed a stage III breast cancer.

Nune Mashuryan noted that similar seminars will provide the gynecologists and family physicians with the necessary knowledge to manage to suspect cancer on time and give the patients precise consultation on further steps. And finally, early diagnosis is the successful key for a cancer treatment.