Astghik Medical Center’s laboratory Service has been replenished with a new, immune-hematological Ortho Vision analyzer. It is the only one in the region, and the fourth one in the CIS countries.

It is an automated system, which enables to perform number of researches, such as examination of blood group and type, researches of phenotype,  researches of antibacterial antibody . Ad this all is performed with minimized human factor.

Moreover, it performs scanning and storing data in memory. Also, it has the ability to connect to the LIS system.

Ortho Vision is a highly accurate analyzer, and the chances of it, to make a mistake is minimum.



1 (3) 4

The Ophthalmology Cabinet provides the following instrumental research: kerato-refractometry, determination of corneal curvature, refraction problems (optical deviations), pneumotonometry – a non-contact estimation of intraocular pressure.




Anahit Titanyan,

Optometrist at “Astghik” MC






The departments of reanimation and anesthesiology are equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices, in particular the respiratory, diagnostic equipment, monitors which fix and diagnose the patient’s vital parameters, as well as modern drugs to perform multifunctional clinical research, diagnosis and treatment of patients. The department is staffed with 9 qualified anesthesiologist-reanimatologists who provide around-the-clock medical care for patients. The anesthesiological department is provided with contemporary equipment allowing the implementation of all types of complete and local anesthesia. Usually, the Department of Reanimation serves the patients with severe neurological problems, cardiovascular and respiratory insufficiency, as well as the patients with insufficiency of various organs and those who have undergone a major surgery or need a special care, polytraumas, state of shock and cases which may incur a state of shock.

Tel.: (+37460)65-12-57

Hayk Razmikovich



Hayk Razmiki Antonyan,
Head of the Department of Anesthesiology, Reanimation and Urgent Aid
Reception: (+37410) 773930
Ambulance:(+37410) 779779, 8303






The following services are carried out in the diagnostic department of the “Astghik” medical center:


  1. yamer1Magnetic Resonance Scanningthe Magnetom Aera, Magnetom Skyra 3T magnetic resonance imaging apparatus is a new standard of 5T generation which makes it possible to achieve highly qualified diagnostic images, provides with fast and quality data, enables to examine various organ systems.
  2. Computed Tomography,the tomographic examination with the German Siemens Somatom Emoticon 6 computed tomography of new generation enables to perform extensive examinations in various fields of medicine.
  3. X-ray Diagnostics,with German X-ray apparatus of Siemens Luminos RF of new generation makes it possible to carry out large X-ray examinations in various fields of medicine.
  4. Mammography, MammomatInspiration performed with a tomosynthesis method – a particular type of mammographic examination which allows to get a three-dimensional breast image. Reduced radiation dose of X-rays are used being taken at different angles. The examination time extends not more than 10 seconds which is one more advantage.
  5. General Ultrasound Diagnosticswith a modern Siemens Acuson S2000 expert classapparatus and Siemens Acuson X 700 digital device.
  6. 3Ultrasound Diagnostics of Women, Pregnant Women and Fetus with Siemens Acuson S2000 expert class apparatus which is equipped with all modern programs (3D/4D, Color Doppler Velocity, Color Doppler Energy, etc.), has multi-frequency transducers which make possible to detect fetal development defects, pregnancy related complications at an earlier stage.
  7. Cardiovascular Ultrasound Diagnostics / doppler, duplex/ with SIMENS ACUSON X700 digital ultrasound device, 3D and color doppler programs.
  8. Electrocardiography, Echocardiography and Analysis of external respiratory function with Biocare ECG-300 digital device of new generation.
  9. Endoscopic Examinationwith Karl Storz brand device which consists of videogastroscopy, videoendoscopy, videocolonoscopy.An operational intervention can be performed with videoendoscopy and its consistuent devices if needed, particularly biliary stone removal, cessation of bleeding, polypectomy, removal of foreign bodies, etc.
  10. Elastography of Liver, Thyroid, Breast with a Quantitative ARFI Method

The department of diagnostics operates around the clock/24 hours/ staffed by doctors on duty.

Telephone: (011) 667788



Ուսումնական նյութեր


1. Հայտնաբերվել է հազվագյուտ արատ 17-18 շաբաթականում:

Ինիէնցեֆալիա (երկնքին նայող պտուղ)բնորոշվում է երեք ախտանիշներով

Ծոծրակոսկրի բացակայություն (էնցեֆալոցելլե)

Ողնաշարի պարանոցա-կրծքային հատվածի փեղեկում:

Գլխի կտրուկ ռետրոֆլեկսիա

2. Տասներկու շաբաթականում հայտնաբերված ակրանիա և ողնաշարի ճողվածք գոտկային և կրծքային հատվածում:



The surgical unit of “Astghik” MC has 9 operating rooms:

  • 1 specialized trauma and orthopedic operating room with electronic and opticaltransformers
    • 2 operating rooms ofX-ray and surgical intervention (cardiac catheterization hall)
    • 2 cardiac operating rooms
    • 1 obstetric operating rooms
    • 1 remote lithotripsy (stone destruction) operating room
    • emergency operations (near the Reception)

All operating rooms are equipped with:

  • newcentralized powerful system of air constant circulation and decontamination,
    • UPS electric power system,
    • centralized system of oxygen, carbon dioxide, compressed air and vacuum,
    • regulation and control systems of the patient’s bodytemperature
    • anesthesia and monitoring equipment
    • electrosurgical devices (monopolyar, bipolar, harmonic)
    • modern endoscopic surgical devices

10658874_811176122362520_2605160863806369600_o 10507095_811175922362540_8304404291746190321_o




There are preoperative and postoperative halls.







Vahram Hambardzumi Khachatryan
Surgical Unit Responsible
Tel.: (091) 507272





Lida Adami Simonyan
Surgical Unit Senior Nurse

Tel.: (060) 65-12-49




Women’s Consultation is located on the second floor of “Astghik” medical center which is  fully renovated, furnished and equipped with modern devices.

The department performs the following services:


  • Registration and examination of pregnant women , control over the pregnancy
  • Provision of the necessary treatment for pregnant women in conditions of the day patient facility, arrangement of trainings for pregnant women within the frames of “Motherhood School”, their psychophysical preparation for the childbirth
  • Prenatal and postnatal individual consultations on breastfeeding
  • Family planning (individual selection of contraceptives)
  • Diagnosis, treatment, consultation on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

In the department, early diagnosis of oncological diseases of female genital organs (PAP ointment, colposcapy, breast ultrasound examination), gynecological diseases and treatment of various gynecological diseases are also performed, including:

  • kanaci1Inflammatory diseases of pelvic cavity,
  • Cervical diseases (radiofrequency treatment with the help of “Surgitron” device),
  • Benign tumor diseases of female genital organs,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Benign breast diseases (mastopathy),
  • Menstrual cycle disorders,
  • Uterine bleeding,
  • Prevention of early pregnancy termination,
  • Infertility,
  • Medical abortion up to 9 weeks (in day patient facility).

Women’s Consultation is staffed by highly qualified, experienced physicians, well-trained medium-level medical staff.  The department also has a specialized room of a gynecologist-endocrinologist where you can get a consultation for:


  • hypertrichosis,
  • alopecia,
  • pimples, acne, extra oily skin and facial hair
  • hyperpigmentation of skin,
  • obesity,
  • sense of tenderness or pain in breasts, breastfeeding unconditioned colostrum secretion
  • menstruation cycle disorders, painful menstruation,
  • amenorrhea (absence of menstruation),
  • early or late sexual maturity,
  • menopausal complications (concerning the hot flashes, increased sweat production, frequent urination, pains in limbs, back and heart area, hypertension, frequent mood changes in women over 40),
  • premature menopause.




Inna Georgii Persoyan,

Head of the Department of Women’s Consultation

Tel.: (37460) 651215





The Department of Obstetrics is located on the fourth floor with a separate reception center. It is equipped with modern devices. There are six maternity units in the department with their multifunctional obstetric beds which are also used as beds for patients and are turned into obstetric tables with the help of a remote control. These obstetric beds are almost the only ones of their kind in our country.

The central air conditioning system permanently provides the appropriate temperature. The department has a separate operating room equipped with modern devices.There are also conditions which allow to conduct the delivery in the presence of relatives.


There are wards in the postnatal department designed for one and more patients which are equipped with beds, orthopedic mattresses and high quality bedding materials, refrigerators, TVs, comfortable sofas, the necessary conditions for maintaining the personal hygiene and permanent hot and cold water. Corresponding devices are installed in the wards which enable the patient to easily contact the medical staff at any time.

The 24-hour care and recovery of women in labor are provided by highly qualified obstetrician-gynecologists and conscientious medical staff.

Physicians regularly participate in trainings in Armenia, and in foreign countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada, France, etc.

Currently, the Medical Center is considered to be a third level hospital with all these conditions.

Arman Sergeyi Nazinyan


Arman Sergoyi Nazinyan

Head of the Department of Obstetrics

Tel.: (091) 458013,  (060) 65-12-62




srt3Services of the Department

Ambulatory and Stationary

The ambulatory service of the department includes electrocardiography (EKG), echocardiography, Holtermonitor (24-hour EKG), event monitor (recording the palpitation episodes),checking the cardiac pacemaker devices, exercise stress test (treadmill test), arterial pressure monitoring. Outgoing consultations are also carried out.

Stationary services:Srtabanakan3

· heart cavity catheterization

· cardiovascular selective angiography (coronarography)

· angiography of limbs, magistral vessels, brain and kidneys,

· cardiovascular balloon angioplasty and stenting,

· cardiac pacemakers (stimulators), cardioverter defibrillator, cardiac resynchronization therapy devices and diagnostic mini system implants,

· cardiac electrophysiology testing for all kinds of rhythmdisorders: intracardiac testing to diagnose rapid, irregular cardiac disorders.

· radiofrequency angiography of ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmia.

Srtabanakan2        The patients and staffare provided with comfortable and exclusive safe conditionsin Armenia. Due to highly specialized, skillful and professional group of physicians, administrative staff, specialists who are regularly invited from other countries, the department has gained the trust of patients.

 All specialists of the department are regularly trained and pass specialization in famous European and American clinics, in European and international congresses of specialization. The cardiologists of the clinic are members of several European associations, including the European Association of Cardiology, Heart Failure Association (HFA),and certified members of European Invasive Cardiology.

Leading specialists from Moscow, Czechia, Germany, Austria, France and the U.S.A. are regularly invited to the Cardiological and Arythmological Center. If needed, online consultations are also arranged with these specialists.

The Cardiological and Arythmological Department of “Astghik” MC is the only center in Armenia where atrial fibrillation – pulmonary vein isolationis performed.

The Department is unique in the countryfor the following services,too:

-a stressechocardiography is performed,

-medical careis provided for children suffering from heart rhythm disorders, invasive interventions:cardiac pacemakerimplantations and angiography,

-adigital archive for the complete patient histories which provides their permanent medical control, allows to evaluate the results of the provided treatment and the diseaseprevalencein the region,

-the department arranges seminars for cardiologists and practicing doctors of RA,

-provides fellowship programs for young doctors,

-internal seminars are organized to enhance the professionalism of the department staff,

-educational materials are published for doctors and patients.

Tel.: 095 407-493




Zara Eduardi Kartoyan

Head of Cardiological and Arrythmological Department








Narine Sahaki Gojabayan

Invasive Cardiological Service Responsible






The best haemodialysis service in the RA operates in “Astghik” MC which serves the largest amount of patients within the country – about 202 patients, and can still accept 90 patients. By stressing the importance of this area development in RA, the MC management started the establishment of this powerful department: more than 500 million drams was invested and now the center has an outstanding service which has a professional medical staff, and the other conditions such as the 2 separate halls which operate with modern “artificial kidney” 40 apparatus of  leading companies; comfortable armchairs with their headphones which enable the patient to relax while accepting the dialysis, LCD TVs, air conditioners, etc.. In short, the process of dialysis is planned to be the most pleasant and comfortable hours for the patients as much as it is possible.

This department was the first in the countryto use one-time items which means a safe and contaminant-free medical intervention; moreover, a separate room operates in “Astghik” MC for patients with hepatitis and infections.

The department implements medical services in accordance with European standards, due to which there is a significant inflow from foreign countries: Armenians and foreigners who have got haemodialysis in excellent conditions which they have been used to and started to visit Armenia more often, also taking other tourists with them.

The service has another privilege for patients with renal insufficiency who work, study or have certain social occupation. A personal schedule of visits is developed, according to which our specialists provide healthcare services in corresponding shifts enabling the patients to be a part of active social life.

Note: Haemodialysis of RA citizens is performed for free within the frames of government order.





Arthur Vladleni Safaryan

Head of Haemodialysis Service

Tel.: (010) 770477






In the Department of General Surgery of “Astghik” MC all the modern surgeries are performed with open and laparoscopic methods.

Highlyqualified professionals of the department, their extensive work experience and modern medical equipment of the leading European firms: these three factors result the high quality of the provided medical service.

The department stands out for its comfortable single, double, triple and deluxe rooms which are equipped with all the amenities (bathroom, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner).

The Departmentof Surgery has modernly equipped operating rooms and postoperative care rooms. All operations are performed in modern surgical materials and devices.

In the Department of Surgery the following operations are performed:

– laparoscopic operations(acute and chronical cases of gallbladder infections, liver cysts, appenticitis),

– neck operations (medial and lateral fistulae, thyroid diseases),

– stomach, duodenal and esophagus surgeries,

– anterior abdominal wall, post-operative andgiant hernia operations: aloplastics (using a synthetic high quality mesh), autoplastics (using a patient’s own tissues and skin stems),

– liver surgery (removal of cysts, gemangiomy, liver resection),

– pancreatic surgery (in pancreatic cancers, cysts, pancreatitis, pancreatic fistulae),

– gallbladder and biliary surgery (gallbladder and biliary stones, biliary stricture, biliary fistulas, etc.), reconstructive biliary surgery,

– surgery in colon, hemorrhoids, rectal fissure and fistulas,

– surgery of benign skin tumors (papilloma, lipoma, etc.),

– emergency surgery.

Tel.: (010) 773867, (060) 65-12-43

Virabuyzh Barseghyan


Hayrapet Alexander Barseghyan, M.D. Professor

Deputy Director of Surgery in “Astghik” MC




Virabuyzh Voskanyan



Arayik Voskanyan, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Head of Department of Surgery in “Astghik” MC 




Ուսումնական նյութեր




The polyclinic of “Astghik” MC implements a high-quality medical care and control of 21.500 registered residentsin accordance with certain criteria.

The staff are:

Our specialists are trained according to the schedule and requirements of the RA Ministry of Health;meanwhile, thePoliclinica-flyurografia5 neurologist, ENT doctor, urologist, surgeon, cardiologist, optometrist closely collaborate with the corresponding departments of the MC and the teaching staff of the Medical University after M. Heratsi.
The polyclinic carries out standard functions proposed by the RA Ministry of Health.
People with disabilities and vulnerable groups are provided with medications. It also cooperates with the district Military Commissariatwhich aims to arrange drafting properly.
The polyclinic has a digital fluorography which enables to provide the patients with reliable responses.
All rooms are fully staffed and equipped.
An ophthalmology room operates in the polyclinic.




Narine Garniki Igityan,

Head of the Polyclinical Service
Tel.: 055 55-61-23, 060 65-12-53, 060 65-12-68




Plastic Surgery Service in “Astghik” MC operates in the following 3 directions:

buklet-1 tetev

  1. reconstructive microsurgery: reconstruction of traumatic and post-traumatic defects in limbs and other parts of body.
  2. aesthetic plastic surgery: correction of human appearance.
  3. plastic surgery: correction of required defects of human appearance.
  4. The following plastic surgeries are realized in the service:
    • Breast
      • Eyelids
      • Ears
      • Face
      • Nose
      • Liposuction
      • Lipofiling
      • Thighs and arms
      • Abdominoplastics
      • Calf augmentation
      • Buttock augmentation
      • Skin surgery
      • Scar correction
      • Aesthetic foot surgery
      • Reconstructive plastic surgeries
      • Microsurgical interventions

    The service professional staff uses the best modern equipment and supplies for the provision of the above-mentioned services.



Arshak Mnatsakanyan, plastic reconstructive surgeon,
Candidate member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Tel.: (091) 545422, (060) 651090






David Barseghyan, plastic reconstructive surgeon,

Tel.: (094) 359909





In the department patients with the following diseases are operated:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Ocular Ishemic Syndrome
  • Acute Thrombophlebitis of Saphenous Veins
  • Leriche Syndrome
  • Post-thrombotic Syndrome
  • Embolia of Magistral Vessels and Acute Thrombosis
  • Aneurysm of Peripheral Vessels and Abdominal Aorta
  • Peripheral Varicose Diseases
  • Congenital Malformations of Peripheral Blood Vessels
  • Arterial Diabetic Angiopathy in Lower Limbs
  • Acute Thrombosis of Peripheral Deep Veins
  • Renovascular Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis of Carotid and Vertebral Arteries
  • Pathologic Deformations of Carotid Arteries
  • Chronical Mesenteric Ischemia
  • Chronical Cerebrovascular Insufficiency and Ischemic Stroke

 The department performs the following operations: 

  • Disconnection of Arteriovenous Fistulas
  • Lumbar Sympathectomy
  • Endarterectomy of Vertebral
  • Thrombendarterectomy
  • Carotid Endarterectomy
  • Crosectomy
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Resection
  • Profundoplastics
  • Aneurysm Resection of Peripheral Arteries
  • Arterialization of Superficial and Deep Veins in Shin and Foot
  • Combined Phlebectomy of Great and Small Peripheral Saphenous Veins System
  • Peripheral ArteryBypass
  • Carotid Artery Grafting
  • Resection of Pathological Deformations of Carotid Artery and Grafting
  • Carotid Axillary Bypass

 Cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed using modern methods, particularly:

  1. Ultrasound duplex exam of arterial system
    2. Angiography
    3. Computed Tomography
    4. Magnetic-resonance Tomography





Tigran Levi Sultanyan, PhD. Professor of Medicine

Head of Vascular Surgery Clinic,

Tel.: 060 65-12-21





Ara Filipi Avetisyan

Head of Vascular Surgery Department,
Tel.: 055 55-45-42




buklet-1 tetev

The Neonatal Service in “Astghik” MC stands out for its exclusive devices in Armenia, particularly the Caleo Drager Incubators for extremely premature infants’ care and treatment, Drager’s breathing apparatus and neonatal reanimation tables, thermoregulatory devices, thermal gel mattresses, modern phototherapy lights.

The department implements:

-respiratory therapy with “Bubble- CPAP” , “ High Flow” and lung artificial respiration modern devices,   ‎‎
-phototherapy with high quality lamps,
-diagnosis: X-rays, echocardiography and consultation of pediatric cardiologist,
-all laboratory tests (including determination of acid-base balance, blood sterility, etc.).

The following services are implemented in neonatal department:

-care and control for healthy children, where the experienced staff help mothers to take care of and feed their children correctly and consults for further care,
-reanimation of newborns and intensive therapy,
-diagnosis of newborns with pathologies, their treatment and control.

1-st baby5

At the II stage of premature newborns trainings for further care and mothers are implemented.  Certain control and consultation are carried out for treated and discharged newborns. All services of the department correspond to a III level standard.

The Neonatal Department is staffed with specialists who have passed trainings in Armenia (on the basis of the Department of Neonatology of the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi), Russia (in perinatological centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg) and other European countries (Great Britain and Austria).

The department cooperates with “London Imperial College” and “Birth Link” organizations which implement projects of breathing therapy, also with “Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology after academician Kulakov” and the “Center of Perinatology after Almazov”in St. Petersburg, where our specialists regularly pass trainings.




Narine Haykazi Poghosyan, Ph.D.
Head of Neonatal Service
Tel.: (060) 651250, (055) 556205





In 1991, A.R. Melikyan performed a laparoscopic surgery for the first time in “Malatia” MC, now “Astghik” MC. In 1995, a laparoscopic surgery departmentwas opened here, which became a basis for the establishment of Endoscopic and Endocrine Surgery Department. The department operates in “Astghik” MC up to now and is called an Endoscopic Surgery Department.


In the department the following services are implemented:

  • diagnostic laparoscopy (distinctive diagnosis of diseases, biopsy, fluid extraction for cytologic and bacteriologic analyses),
  • abdominal cavity surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy, appendectomy, herniorrhaphy using a polypropylene mesh, liver echinococectomy, laparoscopic surgery of liver abscesses, Nissen’s fundoplication (in ventral hernias), separation of commissures (in intestinal obstruction), gastric and duodenal perforated ulcer sewing),
  • diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases in laparoscopic method,
  • diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases in laparoscopic method.

All services implemented in the Endoscopic Surgery Department are provided by skillful professionals and guarratee a high quality.

The department and the Endoscopic and Endocrine Department of YSMU have established a close cooperation withLondon Imperial College of Medicine and the leading clinics in Russia.

In the Endoscopic Department of “Astghik” MC, the surgeries are performed with the German Karl Storz company’s high quality equipment.




Vardan Rafayeli Borozyan, Ph.D. Associate Professor,

Head of Endoscopic Surgery Department

Tel.: (060) 65-12-60, (055) 556221




Since2015, “Astghik” MC is supplemented with ENT Service, which is specialized in diagnostic and treatment activities for “Nose, Throat, Ear, Head and Neck  Surgeries” by using the modern diagnostic and treatment methods of ENT organs.




  • lor1objective evaluation of the respiratory disorder during the diseases of nose and the nasal cavities: rhinomanometry,
  • odor measurement: olfactometry,
  • functionalendoscopic surgery of nasal cavities,
  • aesthetic and functional rhynoplasty.



Otology and Audiology

  • Hayastan2Otomicroscopy and otoendoscopy for diagnosis of ear diseases and their treatment,
  • sensational and reconstructive surgery for middle ear infections,
  • otoneurological and surdological services: equippedwith devices of verbal audiometry, tympanometry, registration of acoustic potentials, otoacoustic emission, vestibulometry.



  • lor2Videopharyngoscopy: accurate diagnosis of pharyngeal diseases
  • Harmonic scalpel, debrider for tonsillectomy, size reduction of hypertrophical keloids
  • radiofrequency ablation for the reduction of velum and keloids size during the obstructive sleep disorders
  • videofibrolaryngoscopy for accurate diagnoses of throat infections
  • stroboscopic examinationforthe diagnosis of vocal fold functions,
  • medicine bronchoalveolar lavages under the endoscopic control,
  • laser surgery in throat tumors

ENT Oncology

Surgery for benign and malignant tumors in ENT organs


The services performed in the department are: ear microsurgery, ENT oncology, surgeries for neck congenital malformations, and surgeries of sphenoidal cavities.

The department staff cooperates with the leading otoneurologists of the “House Ear Institute” in Los Angeles, the otolaryngologists of Austrian Medical University in Salzburg, also the Oncological Center after Blokhin in Moscow, within the frames of exchanging their experience.




Avetik Mishayi Minasyan,

Head of Department

Professor at the Department of ENT Diseases, YSMU

Tel.: (060) 651097 (060) 651096, (091) 498535, (091) 491244



 Srt2 Srt3

“Astghik” MC has been supplemented with one more department: the Department of Cardiac Surgery. The management of the center makes great efforts and investments to use the global innovations of cardiac surgery in the clinic.

Srt32-obxod srtabanakan3

The following surgeries will be carried out in the Department of Cardiac Surgery:

  • all aspects of cardiac and thoracic surgeries in children and adults,
  • coronary surgery by artificial blood circulation or without it,
  • prosthesis of heart valves and plastics
  • congenital heart defects (in newborns and children)
  • aortic and peripheral arterial surgery

Srt12-virahataran Srt29-vir

The department has an operating room and a reanimation department in accordance with European standards, which are equipped equal to the leading clinics around the world.

Srt11 Srt9lab_1

The laboratory conditions allow to implement all the necessary tests at any time.

 Srt30-vir  Srt24-vir




 Mher Susani Hovsepi

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery

Tel.: (060) 65-10-83, (060) 65-12-85






In Maxillofacial Surgery Department the following services are performed:
-Tooth-preserving operations (resection of radical apex, hemisection, root amputation),
-Extraction of teeth of any spaces,
-Surgical treatment of periodontal diseases (gingivectomy, periodontal surgery, also surgeries with various bone regeneration materials)
-Treatment of odontogenic inflammatory diseases( periostitis, osteomielitis, lymphadenitis, abscesses and phlegmona)
-Conservative and surgical treatment of inflammatory salivary glands diseases ,
-Correction of congenital and acquired defects in maxillofacial space
-Conservative and surgical treatment of temporomandibular joint diseases
-Surgical treatment of facial bone injuries
-Removal of tissue and bone tumors in maxillofacial space,
-Surgical removal of congenital cysts and fistulae in maxillofacial space,
-Removal of face and neck malignant tumors,
-Osteoplastic surgeries of soft tissue and bone defects and deformations in maxillofacial space caused by various reasons,
-Dental implantation, including the significant atrophy of the alveolar bones
-Facial plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, osteoplasty, etc.



Yuri Poghosyan, M.D., Professor

Head of Maxillofacial Surgery Department

Tel.: (060) 65-12-21






Physicians of Maxillofacial Surgery Department





Ashot Eduardi Harutyunyan,

Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgeon







Armen Eduardi Harutyunyan,

Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgeon





Free TI septum and nasal plastic surgeries


ba1 ba2 ba3 ba4 ba5 ba6 ba9




The department provides a specialized care for women at high-risk pregnancy and medical aid for pathologies of 1st and 2nd groups, particularly:

1st Group:
-medical care during the deviations from normal pregnancy process – toxemia of 1st and 2nd trimesters,
-threatened abortion,
-obstetrical bleeding in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy,
-hypertensive states,
-fetus development disorders and intrauterine hypoxia.

2nd Group:
Pregnancy at extragenital pathology, in particular:

-pregnancy and heart disease,
-renal disease,
-blood disease,
-respiratory system diseases,
-digestive system diseases,
-endocrine diseases,
-nervous system diseases,
-vascular pathology.

The department is staffed with highly-skilled and experienced professionals, obstetrician-gynecologists with long years of experience who regularly undergo trainings in the RA and the leading foreign clinics.


Tigran Jnozyan,
Head of High-Risk Pregnancy Department
Tel.: 055 556214






The main activity of the service is the treatment of thyroid, parathyroid glands and adrenal diseases. It is carried out with modern methods and devices, due to which the surgical trauma degree has decreased and the inpatient hospitalization periods havebeen reduced up to 1-3 days.  The service staff are well-aware of and perform an ultrasound and puncture biopsy which enables to plan the surgery type and volume, prevent the possible complications.  If necessary, an endosurgical ultrasound examination is carried out during the operation using a portable device. The  service closely cooperates with the leading Russian and European clinics.

Service work directions

  • Surgical treatment of benign thyroid nodes
  • Non-surgical treatment of benign thyroid nodes by the interstitial node destruction
  • Surgical treatment of diffuse toxic goiter
  • Conservative treatment of diffuse toxic goiter
  • Surgical treatment of toxic nodular goiter
  • Non-surgical treatment of toxic nodular goiter by interstital node destruction
  • Thyroid cancer surgery – lymphosection
  • Recurrent goiter treatment
  • Thyroid inflammatory disease treatment

 Treatment for parathyroid glands diseases

  • Removal of parathyroid glands during the primary hyperparathireosis
  • Removal of parathyroid glands with autotransplantation duting the secondary hyperparathireosis
  • Hyperparathireosis conservative treatment

 Treatment for Adrenal Diseases

The main guidelines for the service development

  • Application of endovideo surgeries for thyroid and parathyroid gland diseases
  • Intraoperative neuromonitoring implementation of laryngeal nerves in the clinic
  • The implementation of modern international records on diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors of endocrine system organs in the clinical practice,
  • Permanent development of the specialists in educational, scientific and practical level, implementation of regular participation in trainings and exchanges in experience,
  • Insertion of modern medical methods

Service Scientific Direction

Development of complex measures directed to the prevention of postoperational complications after the thyroid and parathyroid surgery.



Armen Martirosi Varzhapetyan, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Head of Endocrine Surgery Service

Tel.: (093) 118835 , (060) 651089






The Department of Neurosurgery is the youngest department in “Astghik” MC. It has launched its activitiessince December, 2015 and is fully equipped with modern devices.

The neurosurgical operating room, which corresponds to global high standard requirements, is equipped with the latest generation devices and tools (neurosurgical microscope, neuroendoscope, X-ray transparent operating table, microinstruments, etc.). Due to the wide possibilities of the diagnostic department (1,5 and 3 Tesla CT Scanner), the diagnosis time is minimized and the therapeutic measures are provided in a very short period of time.

Surgeries in the department are provided for the following pathologies:

  • Spinal and brain injuries,
  • Spinal and brain cord tumors,
  • Spinal degenerative diseases(intervertebral cartilage hernias, spondilosynthesis, spinal canal stenosis, pathological fractures, etc.),
  • Cerebrovascular anomalies.


Operations are performed with widely used and modern methods which are rarely used in Armenia. For example, the intervertebral cartilage hernias are operated by the leading neuro spinal surgeons with famous EasyGo system.  The latter enables to perform hernia surgery without incisions and return the patients to their normal daily routines within 1-2 days.

In case of intracerebral tumors, an intraoperative local chemotherapy is used which is an innovation in Armenia.

The department also has close relations with numerous leading neurosurgeons from the USA, Europe and Russia who are ready to support our department with consultations and philanthropic projects.


Andronik Ishkhanovich

Andranik Ishkhani Kalajyan, Ph. D., RA Honored Doctor,

Head of the Neurosurgical Clinic

A.I. K. Kalajyan is a member of the Armenian Neurosurgical Association, a knight of “Drastamat Kanayan” and “F. Nansen” medals.






Avetis Alberti Kirakosyan,

Head of the Neurosurgical Department

Tel.: 011 66-77-88




Հանրահայտ «Ջոնսոն-Ջոնսոն» ֆիրմայի այս անալիզատորն իրականացնում է արյան, մեզի, ողնուղեղային հեղուկի բիոքիմիական բոլոր տեսակի հետազոտություններ, էլեկտրոլիտային բալանս, դեղորայքային մոնիտորինգ: Հայաստանում գործող եզակի անալիզատորներից մեկն է, որի հետ աշխատելիս բացառվում է մարդկային սխալի գործոնը։ Շնորհիվ չոր քարթրիջների (սլայդներից բաղկացած), իմունոմետրի, քրոմատոգրաֆիկ չափման եղանակի՝ անալիզատորն աշխատում է արագ և շատ կարճ ժամանակամիջոցում (ամենաերկար հետազոտության  ընթացքը 8 րոպե է), համատեղելի է համակարգչի հետ: Չկա հեղուկ միջավայր և բացառվում է ռեակտիվների նախապատրաստման որևէ միջամտություն: Vitros բիոքիմիական անալիզատորն ապահովում է առավելագույն կոմֆորտ, արագություն և անալիզների արդյունքների ճշգրտություն:



The Department deals with all types of cancer treatment through chemotherapy. In the center preoperative, postoperative chemotherapy and palliative therapy of breast, urinary tract, ovary, lung cancers are used. A new method of chemotherapy is also implemented in the center: invasive-selective chemotherapy (the medicine is directly injected into the arteries of the cancer cells). Chemotherapy is carried out on the basis of European and American protocols. The department specialists have passed trainings in European leading clinics.

“Astghik” MC cooperates with the leading European clinics (Austria, Germany), as well as the Oncological Scientific Center after N. N. Blokhin in Russia. Due to this cooperation, patients have the possibility to consult with Russian and European professional oncologists and chemotherapists.  A chemotherapy in “Astghik” MC stands out for not only its high quality but also for the provision ofchemo medicinewith the most affordable prices during the entire treat period as a direct importer.




Gayane Vladimiri Ghazaryan

Head of Department of Oncology and Chemotherapy
Tel.: (010) 77 59 52, (055) 55 43 25




The department is dedicated to the prevention, early diagnosis, surgical and conservative treatment of chest organs, lungs, neck tumors and cysts.

Also, a minimally invasive intervention, called video assisted thoracoscopy, can be performed in the department, which is unique in the Republic of Armenia. The department is equipped with a concentrated source of oxygen and vacuum oxygen. Highly qualified thoracic surgeons and pulmonologist work in the department.


Chief of department is

Gevorg  Voskanyan



The following services are implemented in the department:


-large joints (congenital hip joint, knee joint) endoprosthesis with prostheses of the leading producers in the world,
-treatment of joint pathologies and traumas through arthroscopic surgeries,
-treatment of bone fractures and dislocation (all surgeries are performed using modern implants with contemporary surgical methods which provide stable fixation and early recovery),
-treatment for muscle-tendon and ligament pathologies and traumas,
-treatment for sports injuries,
-treatment for bone and cartilage, soft tissue tumors,
-surgical treatment for congenital malformations and acquired deformities of musculoskeletal system,
-surgical treatment for post-traumatic complications (false joints, non-consolidation of fractures, osteomyelitis),
-surgical treatment for congenital malformations and acquired deformities of toes and fingers,
-conservative treatment for def arthrosis, muscle-tendon and ligaments apparatus pathologies and traumas, bone fractures and joint dislocations.

The service is available round the clock; the department operates adjunct with a traumatological unit.

The fully equipped department enables to use tested technologies in accordance with European standards.


Trainings of the doctors are provided in European (Swtzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Czechia) and Russian leading clinics. Trainings are held regularly for several times a year by various programs.

The department closely cooperates with leading foreign clinics, performing exchange visits, joint seminars and conferences, round tables for discussing remarkable events.

All surgeries are carried out by minimally invasive methods;needle arthroscopy enables to enhance the diagnostic accuracy of articular injuries and pathologies.




Khoren Martini Petrosyan
Head of the Department of Traumatology and Orthpaedics
Tel.: (055) 556208, (060) 651255





The following services are implemented in the department:

  • diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of small pelvic organs,
  • surgical treatment (abdominal resection and laparoscopic method) of various types of pelvic tumors,
  • plastic surgery of various external genital pathologies,
  • diagnosis and surgical treatment of benign breast tumors by various methods, conservative treatment of various breast benign diseases,
  • intrauterine pathology diagnosis and treatment by hysteroscopy.

Conservative and radical treatments are performed through planned and emergency surgeries by laparoscopic and laparotomic methods which improve the women’s life quality.

Doctors of the department are regularly trained in multidisciplinary clinics of Russia, particularly the Russian Oncological Scientific Center after Blokhin, as well as in other European countries, especially the clinics of Open Medical Institute in Vienna which are financed by the American-Austrian foundation.The doctors of the department collaborate with the above-mentioned clinics for many years for exchange visits and remote consultations.

Arman Sergeyi Nazinyan


Arman Sergoyi Nazinyan

Researcher Assistant at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,YSMU

Head of the Department of Gynecological Surgery and Thoracology
Tel.: (091) 458013, (010) 778521




 The Department of Urology provides treatment for urological diseases: preventive examinations and diagnosis, modern surgical treatment. Diagnosis and treatment are performed in accordance with the records of European (EAU) and American (AUA) Associations of Urology. The clinic is fully equipped with modern devices of Karl Storz (Switzerland)company.

The main directions are:

General urology and onco-urology (oncological urology)

-Benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate adenoma): transurethral resection (TURP)
-Bladder cancers: TUR of bladder (TURB), removal of the bladder,
-Prostate cancer: surgical and conservative treatment,
-Renal cancers,
-Reconstructive surgeries of kidney and lower urinary tract,

-Urethral plastic surgery,

-Urinary tract infections

  1. Endourology
  1. -Percutaneous nephrostomy-Ureteral stenting-Uretrenoscopy, mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy(URS, Mini-PCNL):
  2. 2. Female Urology
  3. -Urinary incontinence: TOT and TVT tape placement-Overactive bladder
    -External urethral opening polyps
    -Genitourinary fistulas
    -Ureteral injury
    -Cystitis treatment
  4. 3. Andrology
  5. -Male infertility-Varicocele treatment: sclerotherapy
    -Premature ejaculation
    -Erectile dysfunction (impotence)-Acute and chronic prostatitis
    -Age-related hypogonadism
    -Urethritis (sexually transmitted diseases)


    1. Urinary Stone Disease Treatment

    Remote, contact, laser stone destruction, removal of stones with an open method, lithokinetic therapy (conservative treatment), urethrenoscopy, mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy (URS,Mini- PCNL).

    Diagnosis and treatment are performed in accordance with the records of European Association of Urology, providing a high quality.

    The physicians of the department under the supervision of the head of department are active members of the European Association of Urology,regularly participate in the annual seminars and trainings in Europe, the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Russian Federation and other countries for the following directions:

    1. Endourology and Laparoscopy courses
    2. Female Urology courses
    1. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery courses
    1. Urologic Oncology courses

    The department closely cooperates with a range of European and American clinics (Mayo Clinic, USA; Muenster University Clinic, Germany; AKH Clinic, Vienna, Austria, etc.) by participating in the annual seminars of European Association of Urology.

    The clinic is equipped with the Karl Storz (Switzerland) modern devices:


    1. Bipolar TUR device, “STORZ ENDOKCOPE”:a modern method for the surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma).
    2. Remote lithotripsy device which is the only one in the country: a device for destructing the stones by providing remote, contact, laser, endoscopic destruction of stones.
    1. New STORZ MEDICAL CALCULASE II 20W Holmium Laser Device

    The main functions of the lasers are:

    1. Lithotripsy, also with a mini-percmethod
    2. Urethrotomy (laser ablation of urethral strictures)
    3. Removal of polyps, bladder cancer
    1. A mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy device (mini-perc) STORZENDOKCOPE which provides removal or dilution of kidney stones by a minimal invasive method (without incision).
    2. A STORZMEDICALDuolitSD1 physiotherapy device.

    Directions in urology:

    1. Peyronie’s disease treatment – IPP
    2. Erectile dysfunction treatment – ED
    3. Treatment for chronic prostate and chronic pelvic pain syndrome – CPPS
    4. Diagnosis – intraoperative X-ray, sonography, transrectalsonography, urofloumetry.




ArmenEduardiAvoyan, Ph.D

Head of Urology Clinic

Tel.: (011) 66-77-88




The Department of GeneralNeurology serves the patients with various diseases of nervous system among which the vascular diseases dominate.People with different neurological diseases get treatment in the department, such as radiculitis, headache, migraine, neurosis, polyneuropathies, etc. In the list of patient treatments and research, modern methods are included such as computed tomography, duplex and Doppler sonography of magistral and intracranial vessels, extensive biochemical and rheological laboratory research ofblood.

Atreatment of various nervous system diseases is performedin the department, in particular:


  • inflammatory
  • systemic neurodegenerative
  • neurological complications of spinal degenerative, dystrophic disorders
  • vascular diseases
  • paroxysmal states

The department is provided with specialists performing full and multidisciplinary treatment and rehabilitation – skilled and experienced clinician-neurologists, physiotherapists, reflexotherapists, and massage therapists, if needed.


The department specialistshave a scientific and practical cooperation with the Neurological Service of St. Peterburg’s University Hospital.

In collaboration with the Intensive Care Unit, the department is getting prepared for the implementation of thrombolytic therapy for general treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke.





Hovhannes Manvelyan, M.D., Professor

Head of Neurological Department

Tel.: (060) 651214





The laboratory in “Astghik” MC operates in accordance with international standards, equipped with the latest generation devices (Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Sysmex). It includes the following departments: biochemical, clinical, serological, bacteriological, cytological, immunological and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction).

Biochemical Laboratory performs all kinds of biochemical analyses of various biological fluids (blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluids ). Here blood coagulation, hepatic,  fat, carbohydrate and trihydrate metabolism tests are performed. Also the body’s acid-base balance analyses are carried out.

Clinical Laboratory implements numerous types of analyses:  blood, urine, feces, cerebrospinal and various fluids of cavity; general blood analyses by leicoformula, general urine test, coprology of feces, helminthiasis.


Serological Laboratory performs various izoserological analyses of blood: blood group and Rhesus factor determination, antibody titers in pregnant women, direct Coombs reaction of newborns. The criteria of myocardial and vascular diseases are determined.

Cytological Laboratory implements cytological examination of secretions, bioptats, various biological materials, cervix (PAP test).

PCR Laboratory performs determination of sexually transmitted diseases, infections, viruses, hepatitis by a Polymerase chain reaction method.


 Bacteriological Research is performed based on the quality, time, the challenges and requirements of modern medicine. According to current tendencies, the role of bacteriological laboratory is highlighted in the determination of the sensitivity for antibiotics. An increase of stability for the existing antibiotics is observed worldwide for which the fight against diseases, the role of the labs in testing the sensitivity for antibiotics and also the treatment regulations of patients become more complicated. Our hospital’s bacteriological laboratory is equipped with all the necessary conditions which enable to choose the targeted methods for various pathologies. The determination of intestinal dysbiosis is implemented quite carefully by taking into account the existing scientific theories.  


For the population living in our area, the diagnosis plays a great role in gastrointestinal pathologies.  Helicobacter and brucella examinations have 6national significance for our society. Usually, the bacteriological analyses are important for epidemiological reasons. The bacteriological laboratory of “Astghik” MC is equipped with modern devices, materials, tools and environment in accordance with modern standards. The highly specialized staff implements bacteriological analyses of urine, feces, urogenital secretion, joints, fluids of cavities, nose, throat, ear, skin, wound surface, ointments, breast milk, sputum, blood and other secretions, and also the determination of sensitivity for antibiotics, if needed.

Our laboratory offers intelligent, polite and efficient service.


The only one in Armenia: biochemical analyser “Vitros” , Johnson-Johnson Ortho BioVue

Tel.: (055) 55-62-29, (060) 65-12-59

Laboratoriayi nor varich



Marine Joniki Manukyan,

Head of the Laboratory






Medical Insurance development has become an issue of special significance in the Republic of Armeniathat has led to the establishment of insurance service in “Astghik” MC which closely cooperates with local, as well as international insurance companies.

Within the frames of Medical Insurance, thousands of citizens in Armenia can get consultations; pass ambulatory research with the following ambulatory/medical treatment.


The coordinated work of the employees of “Astghik” MC Insurance Service and the insurance companies makes it possible to arrange the examination of patients and start their treatment.

People with medical insurance at “Astghik” MC are provided with an individual approach:

-the patient refrains from the documentation processes,

-the patient is examined in a separate room designed for the service,
-the patient receives the results of diagnostic and laboratory research directly from the service employee.


In case of planned visit, the patient should contact the insurance company in advance, complete a request for appointment, then get the referral to the clinic.

In emergency cases,the patient should immediately contact the medical center.

People with medical insurance have the right to choose the medical institution where he/she wants to pass the research or treatment.

4 chgitem kogtagortsvi te che

Medical Insurance Service in ”Astghik” MC also provides medical care to the patients with social packages who can achieve free diagnostic and treatment careas prescribed by law.

The owners of social packages should submit the following documents for their applications in a planned order:



  • a passport,
    • a certificate,
    • a referral from the outpatient clinic /form N1/,
    • a certificate on social package activation.

In case of emergency, the package owner should apply directly to the medical center, recieve the necessary treatment, and provide the corresponding documents.

Tel.: (060) 65-10-91, (060) 65-12-88, (060) 65-12-31




Head of the Medical Insurance Service,

Armen Rudolfi Muradyan




The Department of Medical Tourism of “Astghik” MC aims to provide high standard medical services for the foreign citizens who are temporarily in Armenia or have the purpose to visit the country for medical care.

“Astghik” MC is a modern, multifunctional center which meets European standards and is equipped with the highest quality diagnostic devices of the leading European companies; most of them are unique in this region.

In recent years, the center has been staffed with the famous scientists in Armenia who represent various fields of medicine, and today the center has 29 leading specialists with academic degrees : 7 doctors and 22 candidates of Medical Science.

The medical personnel of “Astghik” MC actively cooperates with the leading clinics in Russia, Europe and the USA, performs exchange of visits, experience, trainings.

According to the estimation performed by numerous international experts and specialists, “Astghik” MC is one of the best clinics in the region.

Due to this, the center carries out a high standard medical care which is equivalent to the standards and the quality of services provided by the foreign leading clinics.

Please, fill in the questionnaire below, if you want to visit Armenia with the purpose for getting medical care and our specialists will contact you in a short period of time to reply to your questions.

An important note: As a modern, multifunctional medical center, “Astghik” MC is the first one in the RA which has applied for and has already started the process of getting a JCI qualification.

Medical tourism form