Cardiological and Arrythmological Center

Cardiological and Arrythmological Center


srt3Services of the Department

Ambulatory and Stationary

The ambulatory service of the department includes electrocardiography (EKG), echocardiography, Holtermonitor (24-hour EKG), event monitor (recording the palpitation episodes),checking the cardiac pacemaker devices, exercise stress test (treadmill test), arterial pressure monitoring. Outgoing consultations are also carried out.

Stationary services:Srtabanakan3

· heart cavity catheterization

· cardiovascular selective angiography (coronarography)

· angiography of limbs, magistral vessels, brain and kidneys,

· cardiovascular balloon angioplasty and stenting,

· cardiac pacemakers (stimulators), cardioverter defibrillator, cardiac resynchronization therapy devices and diagnostic mini system implants,

· cardiac electrophysiology testing for all kinds of rhythmdisorders: intracardiac testing to diagnose rapid, irregular cardiac disorders.

· radiofrequency angiography of ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmia.

Srtabanakan2        The patients and staffare provided with comfortable and exclusive safe conditionsin Armenia. Due to highly specialized, skillful and professional group of physicians, administrative staff, specialists who are regularly invited from other countries, the department has gained the trust of patients.

 All specialists of the department are regularly trained and pass specialization in famous European and American clinics, in European and international congresses of specialization. The cardiologists of the clinic are members of several European associations, including the European Association of Cardiology, Heart Failure Association (HFA),and certified members of European Invasive Cardiology.

Leading specialists from Moscow, Czechia, Germany, Austria, France and the U.S.A. are regularly invited to the Cardiological and Arythmological Center. If needed, online consultations are also arranged with these specialists.

The Cardiological and Arythmological Department of “Astghik” MC is the only center in Armenia where atrial fibrillation – pulmonary vein isolationis performed.

The Department is unique in the countryfor the following services,too:

-a stressechocardiography is performed,

-medical careis provided for children suffering from heart rhythm disorders, invasive interventions:cardiac pacemakerimplantations and angiography,

-adigital archive for the complete patient histories which provides their permanent medical control, allows to evaluate the results of the provided treatment and the diseaseprevalencein the region,

-the department arranges seminars for cardiologists and practicing doctors of RA,

-provides fellowship programs for young doctors,

-internal seminars are organized to enhance the professionalism of the department staff,

-educational materials are published for doctors and patients.

Tel.: 095 407-493




Zara Eduardi Kartoyan

Head of Cardiological and Arrythmological Department








Narine Sahaki Gojabayan

Invasive Cardiological Service Responsible