A Scientific Board Established in “Astghik” MC, Approved by SCC RA

A Scientific Board Established in “Astghik” MC, Approved by SCC RA


14525106_981456468667817_6052763116286588366_oIn recent years “Astghik” MC has been expanded with scientists of various medical fields, famous in the Republic, and currently 29 leading specialists work in the center: 7 doctors and 22 candidates of medical science.

Meanwhile, by considering the fact that since January 2016 “Astghik” MC has been equipped with the best devices of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, it is possible now to perform scientific and research works which meet the requirements and criteria set by the science. 14542339_981456385334492_7737418857991934603_oThe mentioned conditions have enabled to create a scientific board in “Astghik” MC and apply to the Supreme Certifying Commission in the Republic of Armenia for the approval of the Scientific Board.

From August 26 2016, “Astghik” MC has been included in the list of thesis topic confirming institutions by acquiring the right to confirm the scientific topics of candidate and doctoral theses for the specialization in surgery (AD.00.15), as well as act as a leading organization during the thesis defenses in other institutions.



The approved President of the Board -Prof. A. H. Barseghyan,
Deputy Board – Prof. Yu. M. Poghosyan,
Academic secretary – V. R. Batseghyan, M.D.