What Is the Advantage of New Devices in “Astghik” MC? The Specialist...

What Is the Advantage of New Devices in “Astghik” MC? The Specialist Explains


The anaesthesia device of the latest generation which has been installed in “Astghik” Medical Center, enables to reduce the portion of anaesthetics which considerably facilitates the patient’s postoperative awakening, as well as the duration of inpatient treatment.

As it was told by Eva Krasnikova, the anesthesiologist of the Department of Cardiac Surgery in “Astghik” MC, unlike the general and standard laryngoscopes which are yet used in many hospitals, the videolaryngoscopes and fibroscopes of the latest generation make it possible not to damage the patient’s tissues during the intubation.  It is also convenient to work with them as the doctor can control his/her actions through the video images.

As to the doctor, the new anesthesia device enables to reduce the anesthetics portion because it perfectly synchronizes to the patient’s breathing. The examination of 140 patients who have undergone anesthesia in “Astghik” MC by using the new device has shown that the use of anesthetics has reduced by approximately four times.

The infusomat, installed in the operating room of cardiac department, is also the latestinspiration of technology: it greatly facilitates the doctor’s work and excludes the factor of human error. According to the explanations of the anesthesiologist, when working with older infusomats the doctor calculated by himself what quantity of preparation the patient should take and in what period of time. Now these are calculated by the device and the doctor should enter the data of the patient’s weight and the used drugs.

“When we were filming in the operating room, the anesthesiologists were preparing a patientfor a cardiac surgery who had chronic renal failure and regularly underwent a hemodialysis.” Eva Krasnikova says this causes additional complications during the anesthesia: the drug portion for patients with renal diseases should be calculated more precisely to minimize the side effects. After the surgery, the patients, as a rule, need hemodialysis and the advantage of “Astghik” MC as a multifunctional hospital is also the hemodialysis department and there is no need to transfer the patient to another hospital.


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